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Rapid Key Recovery Inc. is a full-service residential locksmith company located in St. Louis Park, serving the surrounding Minneapolis areas with all their locksmith needs.

If you are locked out of your house or your car, have lost a key, need rekeying, lock repair, or are locked out of your own safe, you have come to the right residential locksmiths. With over 25 years of helping the community with all their lockout issues, Rapid Key Recovery Inc. is your friendly, professional, and personal lockout expert!

Our Residential Lockout Services

Lockouts – Rekeys – Hardware Installed – Lost Keys


With the busy working professionals we are, living in a multi-tasking world, it is pretty easy these days to lock yourself out of your home, car, patio, home office desk, shed, garage, and more. Don’t waste hours trying to find the key when you are only getting tardier for work or need to be at a big event. Call Rapid Key Recovery Inc. and we can quickly get you back into control of your busy day.

Lost Keys Replaced

Lost a key to something you need immediate entry to on your residential property? If it has already been 2-3 weeks and you have not found the key, unfortunately your chances of finding that key are slim to none at this point. Don’t waste another precious moment looking for a key that has been lost for weeks already. We can create another key, cut by factory code, for you to replace the lost one.


Did you or someone you know just recently purchase a house? Well, it is highly recommended by both realtors and local police that once you move your family into a new home that you have all the locks on the residential property rekeyed immediately. Most homes have only had a few owners; however, even so, do you truly know how many keys the previous owner produced in their years in that home? Do you know how many family members, friends, housekeepers, babysitters, dog sitters, etc also received keys to that same home? Five, 10, 25 keys? Protect your family and keep them out of harm’s way with our residential rekeying services; giving you peace of mind that no previous owners of keys can get access to your home.

Lock Repair/Replacement

Have a busted lock somewhere on your residential property? No problem! Rapid Key Recovery Inc. can repair or replace almost any broken door lock you might have. If you have already tried everything to repair that lock or replace it, but still cannot find a solution, we have specialized industry professional tools for such jobs and have many solutions to get you back in control again.

Wall Safes Installed

For centuries, the safe has been the gold standard for protecting personal items inside a home, from precious family heirlooms to visas, firearms, fine jewelry, fine arts, and more. However, when you live that family life, and get caught up in the family’s day-to-day operations, it’s pretty easy to lose the safe key, the remote to the safe, or even forget the combination to the safe. Don’t beat yourself up about it; call the pros down at Rapid Key Recovery Inc. and we’ll have you back into your safe in no time.

For those of you who just purchased a safe from a reputable safe dealer but want to save money by having a third party company come in to install the safe, we can help there, too. Rapid Key Recovery Inc. also installs safes in your home.

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks are far more complex than deadbolt locks and require a highly skilled locksmith company to repair these “smart locks” when something goes wrong. Electronic door locks, like most other lock forms, can also have issues. Although they are state-of-the-art, water and power surges, for example, can cause them to malfunction from time to time, or even an electronic glitch can cause major issues. We here at Rapid Key Recovery Inc. are experienced with these kinds of smart locks, and if your business experiences any problems or breaks with these locking units, we can help.

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