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Roadside Service – Motorcycle Smart Key – Key Fob – Proximity Key – Lock Repair

Rapid Key Recovery Motorcycle Locksmith

If you get caught out on the road with a damaged motorcycle smart key, fob or proximity key, there is help available. The AAA emergency roadside service is more cost-effective than having your bike towed. Rapid Key Recovery, Inc. can provide replacement or repair for AAA cardholders in Hennepin County.

Automotive Motorcycle Key Replacement

While automotive motorcycle keys are convenient, they are just as easily misplaced as traditional keys. The cost of having your motorcycle towed is in addition to having a lost key replaced, which is the only option if you do not use a roadside service while traveling.

At Rapid Key Recovery, Inc., we are also committed to offering cheaper prices. That means you are saving twice when you use our services. Our replacement options include automotive OEM, factory, and aftermarket keyless entry keys, and remotes for cars and motorcycles. By choosing our roadside replacement services, the dealership is taken out of the equation.

Automotive Motorcycle Lock Repair

If you have your automotive motorcycle key but the vehicle won’t start, the lock may be damaged. There are several issues that can cause an automotive lock to fail. The electronics or sensors that allow the lock to function can encounter technical problems. There is also the possibility that a foreign object is interfering with the function of the lock.

There is nothing you can do to resolve problems with a motorcycle lock at the roadside, other than seeking help from your insurance provider. Rapid Key Recovery, Inc. can provide roadside repair services to get you back to your travels. Again, the cost of repairs is significantly lower than what you would expect from your dealership.

Never get left stranded with your motorcycle on the roadside again because of a failed ignition. Save the number of Rapid Key Recovery, Inc. today. You can reach us at (612) 370-0222 if your automotive key or lock ever fails.

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