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Medeco – Master Key Systems – Door Hardware – Panic Bar – Door Closer

Master Key Systems

Rapid Key Recovery’s master key system services are designed to let you use only one “master key” to open all or a series of locks. This service we provide brings a business great convenience without sacrificing employee safety. We tailor-make our master key system for all our commercial clients’ needs.

File Cabinet

Have a very old file cabinet that you can’t get into anymore? Or have a file cabinet that you can’t get into because an employee who no longer works there took all the keys? We have you covered. Rapid Key Recovery Inc. can come to your property and get you inside that cabinet, and even rekey it for you.

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks are far more complex than deadbolt locks and require a highly skilled locksmith company to repair these “smart locks” when something goes wrong. Electronic door locks, like most other lock forms, can also have issues. Although they are state-of-the-art, water and power surges, for example, can cause them to malfunction from time to time, or even an electronic glitch can cause major issues. We here at Rapid Key Recovery Inc. are experienced with these kinds of smart locks, and if your business experiences any problems or breaks with these locking units, we can help.

Doors and Door Hardware

We are a full-service locksmith company. When it comes to doors and their hardware, we will come on location to handle all your door installations, door hardware (brackets and screws and such), and door maintenance needs. So the next time you need a door or door hardware, think Rapid Key Recovery Inc.


Rapid Key Recovery Inc. can change or reset the combination to your electronic keypad safe. Employee turnover is a common reason to change your safe combination. Give us a call today, and we will send a locksmith to your location. A lot of commercial businesses still depend on the safety and the security that only a commercial safe can bring. Unfortunately, just like residential safes, commercial safes also need services such as password resets or combination resets to the electronic keypads. Whatever the need, Rapid Key Recovery Inc. has it “locked” down.

Medeco Authorized Dealer

Why Rapid Key Recovery Inc.? With over 25 years of locksmith experience and a reputation for highly reliable services, our trained locksmiths serve St. Louis Park and the surrounding Minneapolis area proudly.

In addition, everyone knows that Medeco locks are of the highest security quality, and we are proud to say that we are a Medeco Authorized Dealer.

Interior and Exterior Doors

Need a new interior or exterior door? Don’t pay the price of a small car payment; come to us. We install, sell, and repair many of the top brands of exterior and interior doors.