Spring is here! That means the motorcycles, off road and water toys are coming out! Are your keys for your toys not where you thought you left them? Or maybe you’re having issues with the ignition turning, that’s when the experts are needed to replace your lost keys or lock cylinder to get you headed towards a fun season.

Loss of Keys

Sometimes the issue is quite simple, but highly inconvenient. Since your boat, motorcycle, moped, trailer or other all-terrain vehicles have been undercover throughout the winter, you likely placed the keys in a safe place until the season to ride resumed. However, maybe you moved, or conducted spring cleaning, or the dog found your safe place. Whatever the reason, now that you are ready to have your fun in the sun, your keys are nowhere to be found and the spares are gone as well. This is a relatively easy fix. However, you need an expert who can originate a vehicle key.  The keys can be replaced and you can be on the road (or water) again quickly!

Ignition Issues

If you have the keys, but cannot start your vehicle, the issue may be a bit more in depth. Sometimes, no matter how well maintained these seasonal vehicles are; problems can still set in after many years of use, or something can break. If you ride often, your ignition switch may have turned for the last time. If this is the case, not only the keys, but the switch/locks needs to be replaced to allow you to enjoy the open road or water throughout the season.
The important thing to take into account when replacing the ignition switch on your recreational vehicle is that the parts have to be linked mechanically and electrically to allow the key to do its job properly. This requires an expert in automotive key replacement, which is above and beyond the scope of many key services. As opposed to replacing a key to a home or door to an office, a vehicle’s ignition includes many moving parts that must work together to allow the vehicle to run smoothly and effectively. And the key starts them all. However, there are not enough moving parts that requires a mechanic to fix the issue. Instead, a bonded and skilled locksmith can fix the issue from the comfort of your own garage so you do not have to transport the vehicle to another location. Within a short amount of time, you will have a new ignition switch and matching key to put you and your motorcycle, boat, moped, trailer, or all-terrain vehicle back out in the sun!
Should you find yourself with a recreational vehicle and no keys or one that just will not start, contact the experts and Rapid Key Recovery at 612-370-0222 to get you back on the road and enjoying the warm weather and the great outdoors!