There’s a so-common-it’s-almost-cliche joke out there that goes something like “adulthood just means having too many keys on your keychain,” and there’s some truth to that, isn’t there? Think about it: Our houses, our cars, our garages, our offices, our sheds, our safes, our file cabinets, our neighbors’ houses, our mothers’ houses, our locker at the gym… the list goes on and on. Maybe you don’t keep this heavy pile of metal on you at all times; maybe you have a key drawer or key box or some other storage. 

But what happens when you go to unlock something you haven’t touched in ages and–awww jeez–you can’t find the key? Maybe it’s buried in the drawer, maybe it’s in a different spot entirely, maybe it’s dropped down a drain, maybe the dog ate it. Statistically, if you’ve been searching for a key for more than 2 or 3 weeks, the odds of you finding it again are next to zero, and you need to consider just replacing it.

There’s no shame in admitting defeat: get that key replaced!

Thankfully, at Rapid Key Recovery, replacement keys are one of our specialties! We can cut new keys from factory code for just about whatever you need, so you don’t need to waste any more of your time figuring out how to find a lost key or wondering how to replace a lost key. Just give us a call, and get about your day. Of course, if it’s, say, the key to your house or business and you really don’t want to risk it falling into the wrong hands, we also do rekeying to keep your property totally safe. 

Because COVID isn’t quite behind us just yet, all our technicians are taking extra safety precautions, using hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks as they perform their work, as well as doing their best to maintain proper social distance. We’re also offering a 20% discount on select services to ease the pain during what is (hopefully) the tail end of this pandemic. You can contact us directly through our website or at (612) 370-0222 for help with all your key replacement needs.