It is the holiday season and, of course, you are out shopping at the malls or Target or Toys R US to get the best deals for that all important gift for the most special people in your life. The last thing on your mind is getting into your car. You just got started, and the mall is open for another twelve hours!
You shop until you almost literally drop. As you hear the words over the loudspeaker say, “Attention shoppers: we will be closing in fifteen minutes,” you gather the last minute purchases together and wait in the longest line you have ever seen. It is about thirty minutes past closing time by the time you make it out to your car, packages in hand. You reach into your purse to grab your keys when you realize they are not there. As a matter of fact, you remember the clinking sound you heard several hours ago while looking at sweaters in Macy’s and realize those were your car keys falling onto the floor. Moreover, since the mall is closed, you cannot go back in to see if they had been found. So now, you are locked out of your car, and it is dark and cold, and the mall is closed. What do you do?

Who Do You Call?

Usually, if you are close to home, your first thought may be to call home to see if your spouse, partner, roommate, or friend can bring you your spare key. However, what if they are not home, or you do not have a spare key? Then, you need to call a locksmith. Hopefully, you have an AAA membership in which you can call AAA, and a local locksmith (Rapid Key Recovery) will come to you. Another option would be to call a locksmith directly. Either way if the weather is bad it could be a long wait.
Your final option would be to call a towing company to bring you and your car home and start the process the next day. Hopefully, your car keys and house keys are not on the same chain. Otherwise, you will need to wait for a locksmith to get you into your home.

What’s Next: I Need a New Key

It is important to either utilize AAA or contact a reputable locksmith that has been in business in the area for many years and is well-rated. A reputable company will help you with both getting into your home and getting a new key for your car.
If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, please contact Rapid Key Recovery at 612-370-0222 and let us help you get home and get moving.