Unlike a home, an office has a duty to remain secure and keep the contents safe from theft. What happens when one of the trusted employees with rights to an office key loses that key without any knowledge of how or where it was lost? With a home, it is typical that you would want to change your locks to protect your family; however, with an office, the standard of care may dictate this be done, and done quickly.  When faced with this situation, here are some item points to consider to make the transition as smoothly as possible.

Type of Key

The first order of business is to determine the type of key or keys that need to be replaced. Many offices have multiple points of entry to increase security. There is typically a building key that is often a security key, and then a suite key and sometimes even an office key for an individual office. Sometimes, the building key or even the suite key is a magnetic card as opposed to a traditionally styled key. Occasionally they are security keys, which means they cannot be replicated through a traditional copy method. If all entry keys are lost by the employee, it can be a much bigger cost and undertaking than if just the suite key is lost.

Replacing the Keys and the Locks

Once you have determined the type of key(s) lost, you must go about rekeying the locks and the keys for all the affected areas. Assuming the security key for the building entrance is lost, all key holders in the entire building will need to return their old keys in exchange for a new key or reprograming of their keycards. At this point, it is essential to hire a locksmith like Rapid Key Recovery that knows how to rectify the situation in the timeliest manner possible. The building superintendents will need to notify all tenants of the loss so that they are aware that new keys will be issued, and in the meantime lock all internal doors. Then the locksmith will need to come out as soon as possible to help the building maintain its security.

Then comes the task of replacing the suite key. This is a much less daunting task, as it is only the key holders in the suite that will need new keys or reprogrammed key cards to match the new suite lock.  Again, a bonded and dependable locksmith like Rapid Key Recovery should be contacted to ensure swift and reliable rekeying of the lock. In regard to the internal office, while it is recommended to replace the lock, it is not as necessary as there are several barriers which must be bypassed before a person could break into the office. Nonetheless, safety is always a priority that lock should be rekeyed as well.

Should your company find itself in the unfortunate position of replacing or rekeying building and suite locks for lost or stolen keys, contact the experts at Rapid Key Recovery at 612-370-0222 to ensure fast and reliable service.