If you own a newer car, it is likely equipped with a smart key. This is a key that has a series of sensors and microchips, which allows the doors to lock, unlock, and even start without the use of a traditional lock and key. These devices typically serve as a larger part of an anti-theft system that is built into vehicles, wherein the vehicle performs these functions with the smart key being in close proximity to it.
While this new technology is a wonderful addition to the anti-theft device of any vehicle, it can be a liability as well. The truth is, people are fallible. As a result, we sometimes lose things, specifically our keys. Whether we are in the middle of the holiday shopping season, or we are running from place to place, we can easily lose track of where we’ve set our keys. The good news is that you’re only human and Rapid Key Recovery can help by remaking your smart keys.

When a standard key is lost, we typically don’t need to worry about the finder being able to pinpoint the car to which the key belongs. However, with a smart key, it is directly connected to the vehicle. As a result, replacing a smart key requires more than simply making a new key. Your vehicle must be reprogrammed. A newly programmed key is matched to your vehicle to create the smart key connection, and in some cases, erases the original key connection.

If you need a new smart key, contact the experts at Rapid Key Recovery at (612) 370-0222. We will gladly reprogram your vehicle and create a new smart key without the added dealership fees you would typically expect to pay.