It’s summer—finally (or unfortunately, depending on who you ask)! In 2018 alone, us Minnesotans have survived harsh cold, freak April blizzards, hailstorms, a disturbing lack of temperate spring beauty, and now we’re thrown right into the thick glaze of summer heat and humidity. In the cold wind and snow, we don’t think twice before grabbing our keys and hopping into a warm car for even the shortest travels. But now it’s much easier to take a quick walk, and without the need to start a car, this means it’s much easier to leave our keys on the table and lock the door behind us. Oh no! Getting locked out of your house is a pain, undoubtedly. Neighbors you’ve never seen before eye you with suspicion as you try to break into your own house. Minutes turn into hours, and now that beautiful summer afternoon is turning you into a dehydrated mess. And you know what your phone contact list is missing? A reliable, fast, and not-too-expensive locksmith to keep a tiny mistake from ruining your day.


Whether it’s helping you protect your business with secure safes and doors or helping you replace your fancy new car’s key fob at a reasonable price, Rapid Key Recovery offers a lot of services. Sometimes, in all these offerings, it’s important to take a step back and remember who we are: dedicated, trained, professional locksmiths, who just want to help you get back in to wherever you’re locked out of. Local, efficient, and affordable, our experts at Rapid Key Recovery at (612) 370-0222 are your best option for any lockout you may encounter. Simple mistakes don’t have to turn into big ordeals. Don’t get stuck out in the heat this summer due to a silly oversight – our key and lock experts can get you back inside!