While this may change down the road, as of right now (July 2020), the used car market is absolutely on fire. With manufacturers either still shutting down their plants or only just starting to reopen the assembly lines, new car inventory is minimal so people are seeking out (and paying a premium) for cars that have already been built–meaning, primarily, used cars. Whether you’re looking to buy or looking to sell, something as small as a key can become a surprising factor in the final price. For newer cars with more modern features, electronic key fobs can be incredibly complicated bits of technology in such a small package, and command huge prices: these often cost hundreds of dollars for a replacement key fob from the dealer or manufacturer. This means that if you’re selling a car, a lost backup key fob could cost you serious money in the final transaction.

Professional Key Replacement for Less

If you want to sell your car for what it’s worth by replacing a lost key fob, smart key, or proximity key (or you’re looking to buy a car for less by replacing these keys yourself), don’t resign yourself to outrageous dealer rates–just call your trusted locksmiths at Rapid Key Recovery. We offer key fobs, smart keys, proximity keys, and more for your car, whether it be an OEM replacement or an aftermarket product, and because we’re mobile, you don’t even need to take an unnecessary trip to the dealer–we’ll come to you!

And right now, all our technicians are taking extra safety precautions when working on any business or residence, using hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks as they perform their work, as well as doing their best to maintain proper social distance. We’re also offering a 20% discount on many of our services to ease the pain during this crisis, and of course, by going through us, you’d be supporting an independent local business. We’re still open, so if you’re in need of locksmith services, contact us today at (612) 370-0222 or by clicking “get a quote” at the top of your screen.