‘Tis the season for selling homes, so if you’re a realtor, listen up. With realtors everywhere hungry for their next commission, the last thing you need is stress for you or your clients about how to (literally) get in to the home you’re helping to buy or sell. At Rapid Key Recovery, we’re your local source for all things key-related, and we want to help you. If you need temporary or spare keys to get into the home you’re working with, we’re here. If you need a lock box to make sure that only the right people can get into the home you’re working with, we’re here. If your client has just bought or sold a home and needs to get it re-keyed for security reasons (we’ve written about the importance of this in the past), we are 100% here for you. So give us a call at (612) 370-0222; our professional, timely, and affordable locksmiths are never sub-contracted, and they’ll be happy to help you make sure the home selling process is as smooth and worry-free.

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