The sun is starting to peek out, the snow is finally melting, and we’re already saving daylight! Spring is starting to sneak up, and if you’re one of the nearly three-quarters of Americans who do some form of yearly Spring Cleaning, you know that it can be a handful. This is the big one: the time of year when we deep clean our houses, de-clutter our living spaces, and hopefully, finally, organize all the random items we build up in our basements, garages, and storage units. 
The last thing you want is to have your great cleaning momentum halted because you come across something locked up that you can’t get open. Part of Spring Cleaning should be organizing all your keys – don’t worry; we’ve all been there: You’ve got a drawer full of unlabeled keys, or a big keychain labeled in some cryptic coding system you forgot half a decade ago. Still, sometimes you just can’t find a key for every home, or a home for every key…

Don’t put it off because you can’t get it open

Nothing’s more frustrating than getting locked out of that storage locker you haven’t touched in years, having to cut the padlock off of that old trunk, or finding your bike chained up with a lock that has no key. Don’t let this halt your progress; Rapid Key Recovery can replace lost keys, repair broken locks, and handle any lockouts you may come across during your cleaning this year. Make this Spring Cleaning the most effective and thorough you’ve ever had by contacting the experts at Rapid Key Recovery at (612) 370-0222. Their key and lock experts can help you access your long-forgotten belongings so you can find them the home they deserve!