Many clients call with an emergency and experience a bit of “sticker shock” when they receive the quote for the key replacement. This shock usually happens because these clients are uninformed where emergency roadside assistance issues are concerned. Many of these same people have hidden benefits to club memberships, insurances, or are simply members of AARP, yet they are often unaware and do not know how to take advantage of these savings.

AAA and Car Insurance Benefits

People join organizations like AAA for the purpose of emergency roadside assistance. The benefit of this membership is that for a small annual fee, the member will receive significant discounts many types of roadside assistance, such as a flat tire, tow, vehicle lockout and emergency key replacement. Depending on the coverage or type of membership, the client may receive as much as $200 off the cost. By taking advantage of these benefits, the out-of-pocket expense for the key replacement is often quite minimal in comparison. Sometimes and depending on the company, the reimbursement is actually provided as an upfront discount. This allows for a welcomed and drastic reduction of the immediate out-of-pocket expense.
Often, car insurance companies offer a similar-type of coverage as AAA through an add-on to the original policy. To take advantage of this benefit from your insurance, you usually need to find a company that works with your insurance. Unlike AAA, some companies allow the discount to be offered as a reimbursement, in these cases you would have to submit your receipt to your insurance company. Either way, the out of pocket expense is reduced as a result of your benefits.

Club Membership Benefits

Another way to help gain emergency roadside assistance benefits is to read the fine print of your club memberships, such as Costco, Sam’s Club, and AARP. Depending on the type of membership you hold, you may be eligible for emergency roadside assistance discounts, some of which may be quite significant. The benefits are often provided as long as an agreement has been drafted between the emergency provider and the member organization. Often times, the member organizations offer more inclusive memberships—beyond the basic memberships—to offer these types of discounts, thereby supporting local businesses while creating customer retention.
AARP is especially helpful in providing discounts for its members, partly because its members are senior citizens who often receive discounts simply based on their age. When this is combined with the additional benefits of membership, senior citizens may save quite a large sum of money in the otherwise harrowing experience of being locked out of their vehicle. The savings are only the by product for the true benefits and peace of mind that a membership can provide.
In conclusion, before worrying about the cost of the emergency fix of a vehicle lockout, know the benefits associated with your memberships and insurance. If you approach the issue well-armed with the knowledge of your discounts and reimbursements, the already difficult experience will be much more manageable and acceptable. If you find yourself in need of emergency roadside key assistance, please contact Rapid Key Recovery at 612-370-0222 and let us help you get moving.