With workers furloughed, businesses shuttered, and citizens told to stay inside as much as possible, many people are keeping themselves busy by finally taking on the around-the-house tasks that have always fallen to the bottom of the to-do list, including house maintenance that maybe should be a higher priority. Rekeying the house is maybe one of the most common “I should really get around to that, but… ugh, there’s so much else to do” responsibilities, and now’s the perfect time to cross off this crucial home security task.

We work safely to keep your house safe

Keeping your locks and keys updated is a great way to increase your home’s security. Over the years, keys get lost, copied, given out to neighbors for watching the pets, and more. If you’ve never rekeyed your home, who knows how many copies are floating around? So rather than risking a break-in or a home robbery, take this time while you’re stuck at home to have Rapid Key Recovery rekey your locks. All our technicians are taking extra safety precautions when working on any business or residence, using hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks as they perform their work, as well as doing their best to maintain proper social distance. We’re also offering a 20% discount on many of our services to ease the pain during this crisis, and of course, by going through us, you’d be supporting an independent local business. We’re still open, so if you’re in need of locksmith services, contact us today at (612) 370-0222 or by clicking “get a quote” at the top of your screen.