It is time to pull off the tarps and bring those summer toys out of hiding. Get back on your motorcycle! Enjoy the adventure of riding your ATV!  Get back on the lakes with your watercraft! They have sat long enough and need to enjoy the sun as much as you do!


The spring is the best time to gear up your summer toys for excitement. However, there are maintenance and paperwork issues which must be addressed prior to setting out. First, it is important to acknowledge the maintenance that must occur. Most summer recreational equipment has been in storage since the end of October or beginning of November. That is four to five months of collecting dust and sitting still. Most people do not think to start up this equipment when it is barely worth walking outdoors during the coldest months of the year. However, like a car, that can play a toll on your equipment. Therefore, when unveiling your summer toys, check to ensure the vehicle turns on, the brakes work, and there is no rust or leaks where it matters most. It may be a good idea to use this time for an inspection and get it looked at by your service provider. You will likely need to perform standard maintenance, such as an oil change on your motorcycle or ATV. And of course, gas it up, as your equipment should have been empty or close to it while in storage.


Once you have performed the standard maintenance and reactivated your insurance, get out and have fun. Enjoy the sun on your back while you ride your motorcycle throughout the back roads. Enjoy the thrill of the ATV on those amazing trails! And enjoy the wind in your hair on your boat!
If you find yourself in need of a new ignition or a new key because it was lost or broken in the off season, contact the experts at Rapid Key Recovery at (612) 370-0222.