It’s easy to feel safe from home break-ins during the coldest months of the year–after all, we don’t want to go outside, so why would a criminal? But as the days stay short, would-be thieves find themselves with even more opportunities to get into your house and make off with your valuables. Just think about it for a second: the dark days of January are probably the only time of year when you’re consistently arriving home after dark, meaning your house is uninhabited and in the shadows as you commute home. So stay secure this winter with a few easy suggestions.

Summer Security Strategies Save in the Snow

With these new opportunities to break into your home, we can look to a pleasure of the other end of the year for great ideas: summer vacation. We’ve all heard security advice for when you leave your house on travels–don’t let the mail pile up, keep a light on, and generally do your best to make the house look as un-empty as possible. These ideas can help in the dark winter days, even when we’re not out of town. In addition to some of these ideas, it’s important to keep your sidewalks and driveways shoveled, both to make the house look lived-in, but also to keep you, your neighbors, and your loved ones physically safe (another safety tip? Don’t let those icicles build up!). Of course, this is all in addition to your standard home security advice: keep your doors and windows locked, keep your locks up-to-date and rekeyed if necessary, and make sure you have the best security hardware you can. Need any help? Reach out to us at (612) 370-0222 or request more info on our website and let our trained professionals here at Rapid Key Recovery help keep your home secure all winter long.