Imagine the following scenario. Mom and Dad have passed away. You and your siblings have been out of the home for many years; however, you all had fairly good relationships with Mom and Dad. You had the pertinent information regarding who to contact at the time of their death to obtain a copy of the will and begin the planning process. You contact the attorney, who informs you the life insurance documents, as well as other valuables, are kept in their wall safe – for which they never provided a key, remote, or a combination. You can afford the funeral expenses with the help of your siblings; however, everything else is locked in the wall safe, and no one wants to break it open. Believe it or not, this scenario is more common than not. There are ways to ensure this does not occur, and in the worst case scenarios, there are ways to get into the safe without harming it or the walls around it.

Avoid the Problem

well-installed wall safe is one of the safest fixtures in which to store anything of value. Typically, they will come with a key, remote, or a combination that must be remembered or kept securely outside of the wall safe. The problem is these items can easily get lost or forgotten, and worst of all, they may physically go with you to the grave. Therefore, it may be a great idea to include a copy of the key or combination along with your will at your attorney’s office. Upon your death, your attorney can handle getting this key or combination to the proper party so they can open the safe easily.
Another option would be to entrust the combination or a spare key with a trusted relative, friend, or trustee. Therefore, if you ever lose the key or pass away, there is another party with the key and combination that can provide it to you or your loved ones quickly and easily without any potential hassles.
Finally, with the advent of technology, it is easy to store your combination in a password vault on your phone, tablet, or computer to allow easy access.  This may not be the most effective if you pass away unexpectedly; however, if you provide this information in your will, the combination can easily be found and put to use.

The Alternative

If you did not take measures to avoid the problem, your loved ones are now in a position where they need to fix the problem. This is where a reputable, affordable locksmith will be helpful. A locksmith will have the proper tools to unlock the safe, no matter the type of lock. Make sure your locksmith is reputable and his pricing is fair and transparent.  Many times, locksmiths that are just out to make a buck will present hidden charges, like an additional charge to replace the lock they opened. However, a good locksmith will provide you with all of the options and pricing up front and stand by his word.
If you find yourself in need of a locksmith to help open a wall safe, contact the experts at Rapid Key Recovery at (612) 370-0222.  They are reliable and trustworthy and will always be willing to help.