Let’s not mince words here; rekeying your house is one of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest ways to greatly increase the security of your beloved home. We’re always surprised to learn how many homeowners don’t even realize that rekeying is an option! The concept is simple: rekeying is basically just the act of changing a house’s locks so they accept new keys, while rejecting any older keys that may have worked in the past. It isn’t as labor intensive as replacing locks, and the parts are significantly less expensive, meaning that it’s an easy and cost-effective way of making your home safer.

Old or New, It’s the Right Thing to Do

When homeowners have heard of rekeying, their opinion is often “isn’t that just for new homeowners? We did that when we moved in; why should we do it again?” We understand! You never truly know 100% of what a previous homeowner was up to, who had keys, and when they might come back. But the same also holds true for everyone to whom you’ve handed out keys to your current home. Babysitter? Neighbor? Family member? If you’ve owned your home for years, you’ve probably given out more keys than you realize. Even if you rekeyed your home when you bought it, consider whether it may be time to do it again! Local, efficient, and affordable, our experts at Rapid Key Recovery are your best option for rekeying and any lock maintenance needs. If you’re looking to make your home safer (and why wouldn’t you?), give your friends at Rapid Key Recovery a call at at (612) 370-0222. We would love to help with this quick and painless update.