We love helping you figure out when you need a locksmith, explaining how locksmiths can help your personal and business security, and showing you common safety issues you may not have realized. But what happens after you decide you need that locksmith? How do you find a trustworthy, dependable, affordable local locksmith when there are so many options and (sometimes) so little information available? Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson has put out a helpful list of tips for avoiding scams, rip-offs, and inferior service. And while we’d obviously love for you to choose us for your business, these tips are applicable wherever you live and whichever service you choose to use.

“Key” Takeaways

While it’s worth reading the entire post by the Attorney General, her advice can really be synthesized into two key takeaways: First, shop local. Find trustworthy local locksmiths by taking recommendations from friends and family, making sure any locksmith gives you their full business name and address, and confirming this information when they arrive. Second, get as much info as you can up front. Ask for detailed quotes and estimates before any work orders are signed, double check that all work orders are fully filled out before signing, and make sure that your locksmith is insured in case they damage your property during repairs.

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Source: https://www.ag.state.mn.us/Consumer/Publications/HiringALocksmith.asp