Businesses in today’s society must make sure they are taking every measure to secure their and their clients’ information. Aside from computer security, physical security is essential to keeping your information safe. Many times, we will change the passwords on our computers and alarm systems when an employee leaves, however, we keep the keys to our offices the same and even worse, the keys to our filing cabinets and safes, where we likely keep some of our most personal information.

The Master Key

To help protect your information, whenever any key-holding employee leaves, not only should you take their key or keys, but you should change the locks on all of the doors, in case that employee made copies of their keys. If you are choosing to take this route, as you should, your CEO or Owner should have a master key that will work for all locks at any point in time. This way, you ensure that you can always access your company’s information without the need to obtain a new key immediately, which is especially helpful if you, as the owner, are away from the office while this protocol is taking place.

The Files

Beyond the door keys, it has to be assumed this individual had access to the filing cabinets which hold accounting and client information. Considering most companies utilize both a computerized system and a paper system, this filing cabinet can have as much pertinent information as your company’s server. It would be important to find a company that can not only change the locks of the main doorways and offices, but the keys to these filing cabinets to help make them more secure, as well.

The Safe

Finally, your safe must be secure at all times. This process is not quite as easy as simply changing a key. Since the safe in your office is where you keep your office’s most valuable possessions, whether it be money, client information, hardware, or merchandise, it must be the most secure. Safes are typically secured through combinations as opposed to a simple key. If an employee who had access to the safe, or even an employee that could have had access to the safe, leaves your company, it is imperative you change the combination to open the safe to ensure your possessions stay in your possession. This can be done by using special tools or sequences to resetting the combination. This combination should only be given to the employees that absolutely require access, which, in the name of security, should only be a handful of employees, and only upper-level management.
Once these three systems have been changed, you can feel more confident in knowing you have secured your information as well as your client’s information, which in turn means you can sleep better at night. To help you obtain this peace of mind, you should never simply attempt to change these systems yourself. Contact the experts who can help at a moment’s notice and make it their business to keep your business safe. Contact Rapid Key Recover at (612) 370-0222.