Whether you go to the gym, have a gated pool, or even go to school, there is likely a reason you have a padlock or two. Along with your padlock, you either have a key or a combination you must remember, and if you forget your combination or lose your key, you are stuck buying another padlock. This can be frustrating, annoying, and expensive, especially if you need to get into whatever it is you locked and you cannot remember your combination or find your key. What if there was a padlock that worked with Bluetooth technology to provide you ease of access and extra security for a reasonable price? Masterlock has made a lock just like this, providing technology that protects your belongings and property while also being easy to use.

Ease of Access

Currently, there are two of these types of locks available for under $90, both offering Bluetooth technology to protect your property. Bluetooth technology, as you may know, can connect to an app on your phone and can be controlled from that app anywhere at any time. The benefits are astounding. First, you never have to remember a combination or the location of your key again. Nor do you have to worry about now getting the exact right number when using the combination and starting all over again.
Yes, technology has its drawbacks, such as needing to replace batteries. However, the masterminds behind this lock technology have thought about this as well. The batteries are easy to purchase and even easier to change. In addition, your app will receive a notification if your battery is running low. Even with this extra notice, if your battery happens to die while the lock is in use, you can still obtain temporary access to the lock to open it and replace the battery.


Ease of access does not equate to diminished security. Because you control your lock through an app, it offers tamper-proof monitoring and alerts you if another person tries to access the lock.  In addition, these locks are made with a cut-resistant alloy. But these are the more high tech features; some of the basic features include peace of mind. For instance, with a regular padlock, you must give your combination to another person if you need them to open your locked area for any reason. Then, that person always has the combination. If you have a key padlock, then you must provide an extra key to that person and either hope to get it back or buy a new lock. With Bluetooth technology, you can change your password at a moment’s notice and provide someone temporary access, instead of buying a new lock or giving them permanent access.  You can even limit access to just a time of day or night, as opposed to 24/7 access.

​Technology has made life in general more accessible and secure overall. It is time to put that accessibility and security to good use by operating our locks more safely and easily. These new locks will be available at Rapid Key Recovery’s shop very soon. To learn more about the locks, how they work, and order your advanced security padlock, contact Rapid Key Recovery at (612) 370-0222.