When the snow’s falling as fast as the temperature, many of us finally start doing what we should be doing all the time: parking our cars in the garage, where they belong when not being driven. The security benefits of keeping your car in a locked garage require no explanation, but is your garage really as secure as you might think?

The Garage: Forgotten by Homeowners, not by Burglars

Aside from housing big-ticket items like your cars, garage access is one of the most popular entry methods for house burglars. Hiding behind a closed garage door grants a would-be burglar all the time in the world to break into your home itself. Garage entry accounts for nearly 10% of all home break-ins, as many homeowners neglect to take the same precautions here that they do with the rest of their home.

More Layers, More Options

Your garage door is often more vulnerable than you think: install a garage door deadbolt to keep out burglars relying on brute force, and if you’ve got an automatic garage door opener, make sure you’ve programmed a unique code rather than just using the factory preset. The beauty of a garage is that even if someone gets past the garage door, there’s still another door before the house itself. Don’t neglect to fortify this “inside” door the same way you would any exterior door: strong locks and keys can make all the difference in keeping your home secure.

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