When people hear the word locksmith, the first thing that comes to them is; okay great, now I know whom to call when I get locked out of my house or my car. However, the locksmiths at Rapid Key Recovery Inc. are so much more than just a means to get back into your house or car. We also have many commercial business clients and their needs also require an exceptionally skilled locksmith company like us.
What Type Of Needs Would A Commercial Client Have?
One of the most common reasons that a locksmith gets called to a commercial site is for re-keying entry locks. The average American switch jobs five times before retirement. If you add in the fact that sometimes the company needs to lay people off, that adds up to a whole lot of calls for re-keying. When an employee retires, quits, gets laid off, or terminated, the business runs a very high risk, insurance wise, if those locks to desks, doors, and file cabinets are not changed fast.
In today’s sensationalized times, it is not far-fetched to have an employee let themselves back into the building to give their former boss a piece of their mind. With Rapid Key Recovery Inc., we can come to your premises the same day the former worker’s employment ceases to exist. So now if a potential disgruntled worker wakes up the next day and decides to now trespass, all the locks will have already been changed.
Also, when an employee works for a company for 10 plus years, the employer really has no way of knowing how many file cabinet, entry door, supply rooms, or storage room keys this employee made during that tenure. Don’t take any chances in today’s times, and get those doors and file cabinets re-keyed ASAP.

Electronic Door Locks
With new construction constantly going up every day, building owners are moving away from traditional deadbolt locks and going with “smart locks.” Like a smartphone, lock technology has also evolved, and there are smart locks now. These locks are great, however, when they break, it takes a educated locksmith to get these sophisticated locks back in working order.
Even though these locks are “state of the art” water and power surges have been known to make them malfunction and not perform. Even a locking system glitch can cause the unit not to work correctly. If you are a business owner and have made an investment into these high-end locks, protect your investment by only allowing a knowledgeable locksmith service such as Rapid Key Recovery Inc., to fix these locks.
We have already fixed many of these smart locks so you can rest assured that your issue will be resolved before we leave your premises.
A lot has changed in the locksmith industry over the last decade and you need a company that has been evolving and changing with the times as well.