It is summer, which means we are enjoying lounging around the pool enjoying water activities in our own backyard. This is always a fun, exciting thing that is enjoyed by all of us, our friends, families, and neighbors alike. However, having a pool in your backyard means great responsibility. While you may know and trust your friends and family, there are still children that may be too young to know better, and there are always those people that don’t think anything of trespassing on another’s property. As the homeowner, must take an extra precaution to prevent harm from those who are not invited onto your property.  

Under Lock and Key

Outdoor attractions, especially a pool, fall under the attractive nuisance doctrine, stating that if an individual trespasses on your property to use that attraction and is injured as a result, you have liability as the homeowner. The best way to avoid this is to hide your nuisance and to lock it up tight. It is not enough to just put a fence around the pool or just have a padlock that is easily broken. You must take exceptional precaution to protect your interests. This is the time to ensure your pool has a secured enclosure with a professionally installed lock, making it virtually impossible for a small child or trespasser to just jump in and go for a dive.

Peace of Mind

Although it is not common it is possible for a small child to wander into a neighbor’s yard and decide to jump in an unsecured pool. This is especially attractive if the child knows the home and the neighbor and associates both with a place of safety. As the homeowner, locking your pool’s enclosure with a secured lock will give you and those around you extra peace of mind to enjoy the summer months without the risk of unwarranted tragedy.

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