Say you own a business, and your business has an office. Your office has employees that come and go, with some turnover. You want to believe that once an employee leaves, there are no hard feelings and your office is secure. Still, you often change passwords on the computers and change access to the phone systems. After all, you are a business owner in the days when even the White House can get hacked. Yet often, you do not think to change the locks on the door until several years of employee turnover.

The Problem

Without replacing locks often, you are leaving your physical office vulnerable to break ins. Unless you have security keys, a general office key can be duplicated easily. Therefore, even if your employee turns in the key upon leaving, you have no way of knowing if the key has been duplicated. If the employee left on less than perfect terms, you risk retribution in the form of theft, vandalism, or worse.

The Solution

There are several solutions for this problem. First, you can choose to change the locks on your office building every single time an employee leaves the company. This may become very costly; however, it may save you peace of mind.

The more cost-effective option is to purchase security locks for your office building. Security locks ensure that keys cannot be duplicated at a general hardware store. These keys can only be replaced by the original locksmith who installed the lock. That way, when your employee turns in their key and leaves for the last time, you know it has not been duplicated, and business can return to normal.

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