The world may seem a bit topsy-turvy right now, but security is still a major concern for many business owners. With so many different businesses temporarily closing their doors to encourage “social distancing,” the unfortunate reality is that many opportunistic criminals see this serious world event as a chance to burglarize innocent shops, restaurants, bars, and more knowing that nobody is around. This is, of course, maddening and hugely unfair, but we cannot ignore that this criminal activity is happening, sad as it may be. 

No Pressure–Just Information

We know that businesses are hurting right now, and the last thing we want to do is seem like we’re being the opportunistic ones. If you’re hunkering down right now and trying to minimize your expenses, we totally get it. However, all else being equal, if you’re looking to upgrade your business’s security, we’re here to help (and offering a 20% discount on many of our services to ease the pain during this crisis). Rapid Key Recovery can assist with your business’s safes, master keys, door hardware, file cabinets, and much more to keep your small business secure from crooks preying on closed businesses during this trying time. And of course, by going through us, you’d be supporting another small, local business. We’re still open (and doing our best to keep our staff and customers safe and healthy), so if you want to get started on making your business even more secure, feel free to contact us today at (612) 370-0222 or by clicking “get a quote” at the top of your screen.