At Rapid Key Recovery, we’ve noticed a bit of an odd trend: people looking for immediate assistance and reaching out to us via email or even on review sites like Yelp! Now, we’re proud of our turnaround time on written requests–for example, our average message response time on Yelp is about an hour–but typically even once we do respond to a message or email, it takes a bit of back-and-forth to figure out all the details, and that’s before we can even get out on the road. 


That means it’s time for a public service announcement from all of us here at Rapid Key Recovery: if you need to get ahold of us in an emergency, please call. Our number is (612) 370-0222, and we promise we don’t bite!


The most reliable way to get ahold of us


We want to help you as quickly as possible, and that means we trust that you’ll get ahold of us using the most immediate method available: the good old-fashioned phone call. If it takes us an hour to see your message, and then another hour of emailing back and forth, that’s an extra two hours you’re stuck locked out of your car, locked out of your house, or otherwise in distress. And with the recent below-zero weather, that can even get dangerous! We get it; we love emails. They’re quick to send, easy to catalog, and a great way to keep non-urgent requests organized and accounted for. But if you need immediate, emergency help, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We promise that’s the fastest, best way to get ahold of us so we can get our trained professional locksmiths out to you as soon as we possibly can and you can get on with your day safely and comfortably.