You are locked out of your home. It is a cold November day, and all you want to do is get inside and get warm. So, you call the first company that comes up in your Google search. The dispatcher says the cost is only $19, and the person will be there in 15 minutes. He then asks for your address and ask that you spell everything out slowly. Two hours later, after you have called back fifteen times and have been told he will be there shortly and asked to spell your street again, your technician finally arrives. He then tells you that picking the lock is only $19, but your particular type of lock can’t be picked and has to be drilled out and then replaced. The cost of the new lock that he “happens to have in his van” is $125 (which is a brand you’ve never heard of) and it will take an hour to install which is the minimum they charge, and is an additional $125.  Three hours later and $269 plus tax, you are securely in your home, wondering what just happened
The Smarter Alternative
That is an example of too good to be true. No reputable locksmith is going to charge you only $19 and arrive in 15 minutes or less. And more importantly, no local locksmith will need you to spell your city or street. A local and reputable locksmith will know the area, quote you a reasonable estimated of time of arrival, depending on your location and give you a realistic idea of what the costs associated with the service is based on the information you’ve provided.
Typically, a reputable company will take anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes to arrive at your location, especially if it is during rush hour when traffic does not allow for faster commutes. Furthermore they will charge you a reasonable rate that is based on the expected service. They will also tell you at that point that if the problem is more in-depth than described, there may be additional costs. They will not make an attempt to upsell you after the arrival, like the example above.

What to Listen For
If the dispatcher answers with a generic “Locksmith” and not a company name be weary. If they ask you to specifically spell your street and city that is a definite flag that the company is not locally based. If the dispatcher quotes a guaranteed price for the service which is exceptionally low, this is a tactic to get in the door, and there will be a further attempt to upsell you. Also, know the upsell may be unnecessary add-ons that could be avoided or cost less if you were to use a more reputable company.
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