Most keys, such as our house key, office key, and even some car keys, are able to be easily duplicated. . This is great for those moments you need an extra key for your child, dog sitter, or a visiting relative. However, some keys are not as easy to duplicate and require special equipment. These keys are usually high security keys.

What Is It?

Many keys appear to be high security keys; however, only tested and certified systems that pass all of the required criteria can truly be called high security keys. Some of these features include manipulation resistance, specific intricacies that bar typical duplication, and destructive or forceful entry resistance. In other words, high security keys, while not completely theft-proof, offer a higher level of security and protection against breaking and entering and/or theft of property. These types of locks and keys go above and beyond typical front door locks and even chain locks. They are often either incredibly restricted in their lock capacity or can even be digital with fingerprint codes. Depending on the level of security needed, your high security key may be on the same level that is used by the FBI.

Real World Uses

Many businesses that house secure data, such as doctor’s offices, forensic experts, and legal experts, utilize high security keys to provide an added level of protection from theft, in order to comply or even exceed laws regarding the industry standard for information protection. These types of keys may be utilized from the front door to the entire building. However, more often than not, they are more useful in only specific areas of the offices, such as the data storage room, where important documents and data are stored. Depending upon the level of security necessary, some high security locks can include biometric locks. Biometric locks require an authorized fingerprint and code, if not even more biological verifications, to provide access.  This type of lock, often seen in the movies, is actually utilized mostly in places like research labs, hospitals, and of course, government facilities. However, most high security keys and locks are not nearly that complex. Many are simple keycards complete with specific verified codes, or just a simple lock and key that may appear standard but have actually been tested and verified to offer added layers of necessary protection.
Most importantly, high security keys and locks cannot be easily replaced or restored through a kiosk at a hardware store or an everyday locksmith. Replacing these keys requires a special type of training and specialized equipment to provide that extra security and peace of mind. To learn more about high security keys and how they can help provide that necessary additional level of protection for your business or home, contact the experts at Rapid Key Recovery at (612) 370-0222.