Despite being our gateway into Spring, most Minnesotans know that March can actually be one of the snowiest months of the year, with warmer temperatures providing a reprise from the bitter cold, but leading to massive flurries of wet, heavy snowfall. And any Minnesotan with a car knows that when snow falls, snow emergencies follow. At this point, many of us know the drills for our respective cities like the backs of our hands—usually some variation of “stay off snow emergency routes,” “park on the odd side of the street,” then “park on the even side of the street.” Wash, rinse, repeat. (Or should we say, “Plow, melt, repeat?”)

Of course, most of us are also all-too-familiar with the other snow emergency tradition, the near-immediate ticketing and towing that happens when your car is in the wrong place at the wrong time during the plowing schedule. Ask any Minnesotan and they’ll surely tell you a story of having to retrieve their car from the impound lot, sometimes due to their own negligence, but often due to circumstances beyond their control—like their car being stuck, or them being locked out when the changeover happened.

Say “No” to Getting Towed in the Snow

Now we can’t help with a stuck car (although we can recommend winter tires, road salt, and a good shovel—they really can help immensely!), but if you find yourself locked out of your car during a snow emergency, you need help fast. That’s where we come in; “Rapid” is in our name! We’re proud to be the only locksmith used by AAA in Hennepin County, and pride ourselves on offering timely, efficient, and professional lockout service to stranded motorists. So if you need your car unlocked so you can get out of the way of the plows and avoid an unfortunate towing, contact your trusted local locksmiths at Rapid Key Recovery. And for any other lock and key needs, give us a call at (612) 370-0222 for a reputable and reliable local locksmith.