Your home is your castle. But also, your home is a statement about you. It is the first part of you the world notices – whether or not the person who notices actually knows you. Most people add flair to the exterior of their home to make that first impression last. Whether it’s a festive wreath on the door or a birdhouse in the yard, these touches express yourself through your home’s exterior. With the New Year fast approaching, now is a wonderful chance to express yourself with new door furnishings.

What are Door Furnishings?

Door furnishings (or architectural hardware) are the knobs, handles, and locks on your doors. Most door furnishings are placed on exterior doors, which add a flair to the door that is lost with the standard knobs most homeowners use. These pieces of hardware function as any door handle, knob, or lock would. They provide the same level of security expected from standard knobs and locks, but they allow you to make sure your home stand out and express you and your family’s unique character.


Door furnishings come in numerous colors and shapes and for various purposes. These may include things like an entire handle set, entry plates, or even door accessories. For example, many people add crystal knobs to their patio door. This makes their doors stand out from the neighbors who utilize standard door handles. Others may use a lever on their front door, making the door a statement piece. Even an interior door plate can change a standard door into a colonial masterpiece. Adding these nuances to your door is an inexpensive way to change your house into a home.
When it comes to security, homeowners often opt for deadbolts to protect their home. However, you can add a decorative plate to your deadbolt that makes it beautiful and functional at the same time. This adds enormous value to your home when you eventually sell it, and your friends and family will love it. Giving your deadbolt a bit of a personality makes it an appealing fixture that is truly something to be noticed.
Any embellishment you make to your home adds value when you wish to sell your home. In comparison to other home additions, changing the architectural hardware costs a little but adds tremendous resale value. Those little changes will pay for themselves several times over. Therefore, door furnishings are not something to be ignored or taken lightly. Only the most skilled workers and top quality equipment should be used to update your doors. If you are in the market to update your doors’ looks, contact the experts at Rapid Key Recovery at (612) 370-0222.