Guns are the hot topic no matter where you go, what channel you watch, or with whom you speak. Our presidential nominees are addressing gun violence and gun rights as much on the national stage as our neighbors are discussing it at the most recent barbecue or family function. Along with the gun debate comes the concealed carry debate.  Some states and/or professions allow concealed weapons, while others are staunchly against the idea. For those states and professions that allow this idea, many times women find themselves without a comfortable or viable conceal option – until now.

Women and Concealed Guns (Then)​

We have all seen the movies where the female agents are dressed in their most beautiful gowns with a gun strapped to their thighs. And then, during the gun battle, she quickly reaches up her dress and pulls out her gun and begins firing. Anyone who has ever been in this position knows that this scenario is the biggest dramatization Hollywood has to offer. In other words, this is the furthest from reality it can possibly be. The truth is the thigh strap is difficult to maneuver and not an easy option to gain control of your weapon. Wearing a holster around the waist is less of an option than the thigh. In some instances, women would simply carry their firearm in a purse; however, that could lead to the firearm risking getting lost in the bag, or if the bag was stolen, so was the firearm. Even worse, if your children went through your bag, they could pull out the firearm and that would be disastrous.

Women and Concealed Guns (Now)

The Hollywood picture is no longer necessary. Lock manufacturers and female gun owners have developed an easy alternative way to carry your weapon, keep it concealed, and keep it safe when not in use. Now handbags can be purchased with a specific firearm location, which are easy to access. The use of this type of bag is helpful in many levels. The bag can look like an ordinary handbag or evening bag, allowing you to truly remain fashionable and incognito. However, it provides a designated firearm location such that your gun cannot get misplaced in your handbag, leaving you fumbling in the mess of receipts, keys, and even children’s snacks and toys. Therefore, when you are home, you can keep your gun in your hidden compartment, making sure it is safe and secure and not easily accessible by the little ones, even when you put your bag away for safekeeping.

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