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FAQ: I’ve locked my keys in my car, do you do that?

A: Yes, we do lockouts, because we specialize in the automotive field we are able to keep up on the newest technology and open your vehicle without damage.

FAQ:    Do you make chip keys?

A: Yes ~ a CHIP key can be either the old style GM VATS key which is has a visible chip mounted to the key blade or todays TRANSPONDER Keys which is imbedded in the head of the key and not visible. We make the majority of CHIP Keys and are constantly adding to our inventory.

FAQ:    Do you do smart keys?

A: YES ~ a smart key has no visible blade and the vehicle either has a push button start or a twist knob start ignition. THE VIN is required to make this key to ensure we have the proper key in stock.

FAQ:    Do you make keys where the head of the key is a remote?

A: YES ~ this is known as an integrated key, but can also be referred to as a CHIP Key. To ensure we have the proper key blank the VIN is required.

FAQ: I’ve lost the keys to my car and I don’t have any extras can you help?

A: We make keys for almost every make and model both foreign and domestic and WE CUT THEM BY FACTOR CODE.

FYI: Some newer vehicles require a PIN to do the programing and a PIN may only be available during regular business hours for certain vehicles. However we recently purchased new equipment/software so we are able to get PINs for some vehicles after hours but not all.

FAQ:  I’ve locked my keys in my trunk can you open it?

A: Yes ~ we do trunk jobs! If the inside release does not work or power is needed for it to work we are still able to get into the trunk. Sometimes it will require us to make a mechanical key but there are other options even if there is no visible trunk lock cylinder.

FAQ: My Key is broke off in the lock can you remove it?

A: Yes, we do extractions! And we can extract broken keys from ignitions, door locks or trunk locks.  In most cases it is a key but we are also able to extract foreign objects such as paper clips, toothpicks etc.

FAQ: My Key won’t go into the ignition or my key goes in &won’t turn can you help?

A: Ignition problems are not a problem for us. This could be as simple as a worn key or as complicated as a bad shift cable. However, we are able to repair and/or replace ignitions on site. Which means your member don’t have to pay full price at a dealership or mechanic shop.

FAQ: My car door is unlocked but when I lift the handle it won’t open or the key goes in and turns but the door won’t open Can you help?

A: Most likely it is a linkage problem.  There are two types of linkage problems: one is a lock linkage and the other is the handle linkage. We are able to repair both.